My Creations:


Elf Shack:



Mr Snowy the Snowman:




Christmas Hats I made for a dance last year, I made all of the decorations by hand (except the bow):




Repurposed some old bedside tables:

  1. The only before photo I got, I had already sanded them back. With some help.

2. The prep paint on, just waiting for it to dry


3. Final coats done, just waiting for the paint to cure.


4. The nearly finished project…


5. Half way through painting the draws (This is prep coat), forgot to get photos for during this process.


6. Again, a little relaxed with the photos, this was the process I took to paint the dividers, I had measured and cut them out of MDF:


7. The dividers are in, and the drawers painted. It looked a bit bare:


8. Cut some fabric, added some backing, sewed them together and made little drawer mats. I also wanted to protect the paint on the drawers:










All finished and all of my crafting stuff in them: