Project Doll House – Week 4

Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to week 4 Project Doll house!

This week I have been very busy painting and building. Take a look at what has been achieved:

I will start with the dining room; it was meant to be the simplest and quickest room to paint/decorate on my list of things to get done this week, but it turned out to take a bit longer than what I was hoping:

I decided on the leaf design for the feature wall on this room, a marble like floor and a green colour on the two other walls. I chose the colour Sage but that wasn’t what I first had in mind. I thought like a lime green would look pretty cool, but when I saw the Sage when I went to buy the colour I changed my mind and I am glad that I did. 


First Couple of Coats:

Ready For the Wall Paper and Flooring:

All measured, cut and ready to go:

And…. Well, I messed up…

My measurement was wrong, it was too big and the wallpaper kind of scrunched up as I was putting it on, making massive lumps, so I cut it and as you can see on picture one, I cut too much off. Picture two: there is a triangle shaped tear in it from where I was using my ruler to try and flatten it out and it tore it up. 

  1. 2.

Attempt Two:

I used the previous piece and traced around it (because it was now cut to size), and started applying it. I went from left to right, and it ended up so crooked and bunched up half way through that there was no point of return. I had to start again. 


Attempt Three:

It was going really well as you can see in the first picture. I took a different approach and went from top to bottom…

The second picture shows how it ended. I was getting pretty frustrated at this point. No way that I was doing it was working, it just wanted to bunch up.

Attempt Four:

And it went on! There are some spots wit alot of bumps but they are little compared to the other attempts. From afar you can’t tell that they are there, but that was the last and final attempt that I was going to try and it worked for me. Thank goodness! I think I had to pull it off a little bit at the bottom and I am actually quite surprised it stuck on again.


And then comes the floor…

IT DIDN’T STICK PROPERLY! ARGGHH. I used PVA glue and a lot of books to hold it down:

And done:


Ok, so here I started off with measuring the lay out in the actual doll house and drawing how I want the lay out to be, I knew that I wanted the benches to be 100 wide, I just wasn’t sure how deep, I used a barbie as a reference and went by what my measurements for the bathroom sink for the children’s bathroom is (the depth) and came to 6cm for the depth. I then needed to work out how high the benches were, so I measured on a barbie and then measured onto the wall. The two pictures you see is how high I thought the fridge may be. In the pictures following you will see I was out by a lot. The fridge would have been way too short. 

After measuring the fridge and then seeing how tall that was on the walls I had to get a barbie in there to see what it would look like the line I made just seemed so tall. And the measurement for the benches seemed so tall. 

Then when it came to the benches they felt too tall and skinny so again I went and got some barbie furniture from the girl’s collection and when it was in there it looked fine. It just doesn’t look right when it is drawn in there. 

Then it came to drawing my design onto paper  and working out doors and where the sink, oven and stove top would be placed. I am still not sure if we will have opening cupboard doors or not. I think it may be out of my league. LoL. 

As you can see a lot of deliberation happened that day, I was trying to work out designs and colour schemes and what the progression looked like. I can honestly say I don’t know what is going on with it yet. I have put it away for now and will go back over it when I have a quiet hour or two. 

Sam’s Bed:

In my last blog I showed you guys my failed attempts at Sam’s Pirate Ship Bed made from match sticks and then from paddle pop sticks. I decided to go a different path with this attempt and I am happy with it:

This is how it started. I drew a small rectangle of 8cm x 17cm (the size I made for the beds that I showed on my last blog post) on two pieces of paper I taped together. I measured the space where the bed would be and drew that around it. The rest just followed. The third picture here is of what I wanted it to look like at the end of being built. I was trying to figure out how tall it would be:

The pieces are cut out:

(they aren’t exactly the design that I imagined and drew, there was a whole process that I didn’t take photos of to get to this point (my daughter had my phone). But I like how this turned out.

Seeing how it was going to look:

The gluing process:

Trying to make a box lid for storage at the back section, realising it would take a day to learn how to do it properly, and just gluing it down instead. (I haven’t given up on making a storage box with hinges, just wasn’t going to do it that day).

All together and then where it will sit in his room once it is finished:

The front part is going to act as storage for his toys or what ever little pirate treasures he has.

Master Bathroom:

I chose Magenta for the base colour, I was going for a look that had pink, purple, turquoise and the magenta slightly mixed but decided against it, I tried it on a canvas that my daughter had painted on and I just kept mixing the colours too much I added a photo for reference, that was the better one of the three tries. You can also see the Magenta I used for the Master bedroom is darker than the one I used for this bathroom, I chose the lighter one because I didn’t want the space to feel too small, but it kind of did any way so I opted to cover the left wall and back wall in the covering. 

I wanted to make a shower for the master bathroom as opposed to a bath, I have decided to make it a bath/shower instead. The first photo is of the attempt at the base of the shower, the second and third photo is of me figuring out the length I needed the bath.


I was trying to decide whether or not to have the bath along the outside wall and not along the back, where the toilet would go and then measuring out for a sink.

I came to the conclusion that the bath would be better suited at the back, the toilet would go on the right wall and the sink on the left. This would make for easier playing.

I ended up using the piece of MDF I cut out for the shower to make the part for the sink and just glued it on, here you can see I had it taped up while the glue dried: 

And then the rest of the pieces I just measured, cut and glued as I went along. It was an all day type of process, so I did it in between other stuff:

The side of the bath was too tall, so it got a trim:

And it fits!:

The process for this wasn’t too hard, I did however make a mistake and made it too short and put the left side on crooked so I cut it at the top to make it level and that is why there is a pink strip at the top, to make the back match I put the contact on level with the left and then taped the contact to paint the pink strip, but it worked out ok in the end.

And this is the reason for the gap in the middle, a mirror mosaic feature:

The Children’s Bathroom:

First up was the floor and then the paint/floor was done for this room. I put the strip of the brown floor in instead of the bathroom flooring, I think it looks great:

Then making a sink hole and the sink:

Gluing it on:

Making a clay sink, then realising when the clay dried it shrunk:

Doing some construction work on the bath tub:

Nearly finished, just needs the front:

And done:



Attempting Clay again:

And I didn’t get a photo but decided against the clay, it was too heavy and the bath tub wasn’t drying, the sink ended up shrinking again, even with the added length on the outside. (It just cracked off when dried because it wasn’t thick enough). I think the next thing is paint and coat in some sort of gloss coating so it looks like a bath tub. We will see how it goes.

That is all for Week 4 of Project Doll House, I am unsure how much I will get done this week and next during the school holidays, I have made one thing so far over the weekend, but that is for next weeks blog ;). I do apologise this blog post is late, but I haven’t been able to get onto write it.

Thank you so much for coming back this week and checking my progress out! I hope you enjoyed the read and like how the doll house looks so far, this isn’t a very good photo because it has stuff all over it, but this is it at the end of this week, with out the furniture in it.



Any way, thank you again for coming back to check out the progress. I hope you have an awesome week!

Angie xo


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