Week 3 Project Doll House


Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to Week Three. I hope you all had a great week! I was a busy bee and got a fair bit of painting done on a couple of the rooms in the doll house. This is what we had at the beginning of week 3, Sam’s room painted and flooring in, Chelsea’s feature wall started and the bathroom’s bath and sink shell constructed:

Firstly, I finished painting Chelsea’s Room, her feature wall was a bit of a hit and miss to begin with, just like Sam’s was. I chose to do a pink feature wall and antique white for the side walls.

This was after the first coat of antique white and another coat on the pink wall. This pink took a few coats. It was a different brand of acrylic and I found it was a lot runnier than the other ones:

I bought some stencils from Kmart and painted some love hearts on the back wall in antique white (the same colour as the sides), the first attempt was a fail. 

The white smudged line in there was where I tried to wipe off the extra hearts, I messed up with my placement and ended up with a big gap and 3/4 of a line of hearts:

I thought I had taken photos of when I painted over that work and restarted… But I was either dreaming or I have some how deleted them.. So any way, I painted over those hearts and taped up the stencil so that there weren’t as many hearts and I painted them purple and antique white, the first lot of hearts still show through the paint, but it gives it character I guess. 

Once that was done, I put the flooring in, well I messed that up too. It went all bubbly, I tried to get the bubbles out with a pin and pushing it down to get the air out, it just didn’t work :(. To hide the worse parts there will be furniture, like a bed and the rest I will crochet some floor rugs. I’m not overly bothered. I am not great with contact so Sam’s room was just a fluke I think.

From afar you can’t see the bubbles.

I ended up opting to put a strip in between the rooms, I did attempt to cut Chelsea’s floor to fit so there wouldn’t be two lines in the flooring, but I couldn’t get it right, I measured twice cut once and it still didn’t work out, so a strip it is:


Sam and Chelsea’s Rooms Painted:


As I was working waiting for the paint to dry in Chelsea’s room I worked on the lounge room and the master bedroom. These two rooms were quite simple. Besides needing a few more coats on the magenta than the rest both of them were easy and no mistakes were made. Yay!


I chose Magenta and Eggshell for the Master Bedroom:

And the floor is in, no bubbles 😀 Big Smiles:

And I chose Wisteria and Eggshell for the Lounge Room:

The couch looks pretty cool in there. Just needs some flooring and the rest of the furniture. I am just not sure what do do for the floor in there yet.

My work space gets pretty messy as you can see, the doll house started becoming a storage place for me, lol. Until I moved it out of my sewing room (I was getting sick from the paint fumes cause my sewing room is a small room and the open window wasn’t enough). 

All of the stuff from there ended up here, on top of the other mess: 

(I did spend some time this afternoon cleaning it up, it was getting a little bit out of control).


Next was the bathroom, I really wanted to do something bright, colourful and fun for this room. I also have some cool little mosaic tiles I wanted to utilise so I wanted to choose colours that I reckon they would go good with. (Fingers Crossed they do in the end result), I am a little bit worried that the yellow is not going to work with them, but will have to wait and see…

I made some mistakes with the pattern part. One: I didn’t rub the pencil off of the wall where I marked the lines and it showed through the yellow. It took a few coats to get rid of it. (I learnt my lesson and rubbed it off for the other colours). Two: My impatience ruined my paint work, I put the tape on the orange colour in order to do the blue when it was only touch dry, not fully dry. And three: I did the lightest colour first. Rookie move! It was so hard to fix when trying to cover up where the other colours bled through. Here’s the photo process:

Looks pretty good here hey? Nice and neat…

Time for Orange :):

And for some reason, no photos but of it covered?? Gee Angie. Great work: 

After the orange was on I went to the dentist, then spent some time in town doing some stuff, so when I got home I thought it would be OK to put the tape on for the blue because it was touch dry…

It went from it was a Bad Idea:

To it was a VERY BAD IDEA! With every tape pull :'(:

But I did fix it the best I could:

I ended up free handing the door, was quite impressed, no drama and no slips:

This is the finished result I am pretty happy with it and I can’t wait to finish the rest of it:

During the times that I wasn’t painting and doing motherly chores I decided to start on the beds. Say hello to the models: (I don’t know their names (only Chelsea, who is in the yellow), but if you were to ask my littlest she will be able to tell you, so I do apologise I can’t introduce them fully to you) :D.

I pretty much put the ‘kids’ on the cardboard and made a rectangle around them, measured the squares and just rounded up or down for the measurements. The adults I just used the 100 x 330 rectangle measurement we came to the conclusion with measuring height and sizes previously.

These will be their mattress sizes: 


This next pile of mess is what I was doing to try and figure out the frame for Sam’s bed, I tried to make a helm wheel for the top and bottom of his bed frame, (if you could picture it). Only half at each end. But I used match sticks and masking taped them, then Clear Glossed them to get them to stick together, then tried glue… Well, that experiment didn’t turn out how I thought it would. So I binned it. 

Boo! Lol.

Next is the start of a pirate ship, well, this has since been put in the bin also and have now got a different idea for the ships body I was trying to build it up but the glue and paint weren’t drying fast enough and I had stuff I needed to do and screaming children (always happens right when I need to hold things together), so I have opted for a different way to build the ship that won’t take as much time and patience (Both of which I lack): 

I figured out what colours/wallpaper I would do for the Master Bathroom and the Dining Room after I had finished the bathroom, but I ended up with a bit of a sore back so thought I would rest for a couple of days, so today and yesterday I haven’t done any work on the doll house.


That is pretty much it for this weeks time on the doll house. My goals for this next week is to get the rest of the house painted and ready to start adding furniture as I make it or find it, make some sort of progress on Sam and Chelsea’s beds and I am hoping to also get some sort of flooring for the lounge room. See how we go.


Thank you for coming back for Week Three! I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a lovely week, I will be back next Friday with an update of how Project Doll House is going :).

Angie xo


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