Week 2 of Project Doll House

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to another week of Project Doll House, I hope you all had a great week!

Week 2 of Project doll house was a little more productive. The floor I was working on is now finished, it just needs to be taped onto the house. I did have a bit of an issue with it but will get into that a little more into the blog. I also made a start to the ‘children’s bathroom’ sink and bath tub.

  But the highlight of this week is: There is now colour on the doll house!!

I struggle a lot with picturing stuff before I make it, like vision, until I am actually doing it. It takes a bit for me to figure out what kind of picture I want to create. That is why I decided I would start with Sam’s room, (the little boy doll) because I figured if I just start painting it blue the rest would come (because I knew I wanted it blue from the start), it worked! Now, as I am working on one room, ideas are flowing to me for the other rooms, it is great. Oh and Chelsea’s room (the little girl doll) has a pink feature wall started..

Here is what we have achieved this week:

The Flooring for the top part:

I realised that in the last post I didn’t really show you pictures of the process for the floor. So I will add them in. The issue I had with the floor is that I put way too much gloss on the top and it kinda curled up! So now I need to have something heavy on it at all times (until it is taped onto the house), I also had to crack it a bit to flatten it out. Just keep in mind a part most of this was done in Week One, the gloss was done at the start of this week, I just wanted to show you the process, which I didn’t do on last weeks post. And… I don’t have a photo of the curled up mess it turned out to be. Damn. Sorry!

Getting the pieces all cut:

All Cut, ready to assemble:


Needed to mark and cut the ends so they were straight.

Ready to be glued to the card:

The Gluing Process:

(It wanted to curl up and the pieces wanted to stand up a bit so the books held them down while the glue set).

Finished Gluing:

Even when finished the pieces stood up, so the books stayed on over night to wait until the glue set, I eventually added more books but didn’t get a photo.

Time for the Varnish:

Finished, but still drying:

The Final Product:

The start of the Basin/Bath:

I really need to start taking more pictures. This is all of the pictures I have taken of this so far. So I can’t show you how I came to design it like this. But I basically wanted it to be one big piece that fit in the bathroom nicely. There is still a lot of work to be put into this but this is just the shell. There is a front part that needs to be painted and that will be the ‘doors’ for the cupboard, and also I plan to glue beads on for the handles of the doors. I am trying to figure out what to use for the tub but I plan to make an edge that it will fit onto. The bath tub isn’t going to be that wide or long. If that makes sense. But the process was the same as the couch, except I measured and drew the pieces onto paper to be traced around and cut. For some reason it turned out wonky again. So I think it may be me and how I have been working out the sizes on some pieces. Not sure. But my next thing to learn is how to use the computer software designed to work all of that out. But it fits and that’s what matters. My next step is to paint the bathroom and add some tiles, a mirror and some flooring, plus finish the bath and basin. I still need to find a tub for the sink and bath and… I have just as I am typing this figured out what I will use as a mirror. It has been on my mind for days what to use, yay! I had some little helpers helping me to hold it down while it glued. They’re the best.


Colour Time!

Getting ready to put colour into the doll house: Sam’s Room and start of Chelsea’s.

I was quite nervous at this point to be honest, I did want to use proper house paint, but for what I wanted to do it was just going to be too costly, even getting the small sample pots was too much. So I opted for just craft acrylic paint… I didn’t know what to expect but now that it’s done I am actually not regretting the decision. It does however take a few coats. I think 4 to be exact. Some other rooms have taken more. While I was waiting for Sam’s room to dry between coats I started on Chelsea’s as you can see in the 5th photo. The archway to the room left of Sam’s room goes into the bathroom. I decided to leave the archway for this one white and do it the colour of the bathroom instead of Sam’s blue.

Here is the funner part of the painting:

The mosaic type design, which as you can see in the third photo didn’t got to plan. Haha. For one: I was nervous about putting the masking tape onto the blue paint in case it ripped the blue paint off of the wall when I removed it so I didn’t push it down enough and the paint bled through and looked terrible, and two look at it haha, the picture explains it all. (Picture 3 and 4)

So then I needed to do some sort of repairing. I tried to cover all of the pieces up and paint over the blue, but that didn’t solve the problem of the colours being so small and separated and it was going to take a long time and required patience something I lack in. I then just spent the day taping around the colours and adding more volume (I guess the right word would be?) to the shapes.

Adding the flooring:

This was surprisingly quite easy, I just put the contact stuff in and folded it up to where the other side was and cut along the line, used a ruler and gradually took the bottom off and smoothed it down. I was actually surprised at myself because I can’t contact books neatly to save my life. So I was impressed with myself it turned out awesome. Now all that Sam’s room needs is furniture, some decorations and the ceiling to be painted. The ceiling will be painted once the rest of the house has been painted. I plan on using white house paint for the ceiling and the outside of the house. 

As you can also see in the last photo there is that Chelsea’s pink wall is complete. I just don’t have a good photo of it (yes, I need to get onto the photo taking). Again I am sorry, I will try harder in the coming week. 


Ok, so that is all I had time for this week for the doll house, I did spend one day attempting (and when I say attempting I mean it, they sucked! haha) to make masks for my family, so that took some time away from this, but a break is good some times, it refreshes the creativity juices.

Any way… thank you for reading and having interest in my project! I hope you come back next week for another update. Since we are nearly half way already because my weeks are going from Saturday to Friday, I assure you I have completed a lot over the last weekend to show you next Friday and will hopefully complete more before then!

Have a lovely week and I will hopefully have another blog post on Friday! If not Monday again at the latest. Stay tuned!

Angie xo 


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