Week One of Project Doll House

Hey Guys,

Week one of Project Doll House was not very productive at all. The only things that I achieved were: Making a couch, painting primer on the back walls, making some sort of start to a bit of the floor for the top shelf and put no more gaps on to fill the spaces, I would have loved to add some colour to the walls or something, but.. life. Haha. So any way here’s what I have so far:

The house with the prep coat on the back walls.

Before and after the no more gaps, there were other spots but this spot was the worse of them all.


The floor is made from popsicle sticks, I just cut the round ends off of them and cut some to size. I drew a line on the floor space indicating where I wanted the floor to stop at and just arranged the popsicles until it filled the space.

Here is the couch:

This is the finished product.

It took me a couple of days to get to this point. With a whole day of calculating the measurements (because mum life is consistent of pausing and un-pausing when trying to do something that requires brain work to assist little people), a half day to cut, because I had to measure one piece get it cut, then measure another so that we had no wastage of the MDF. Putting it together didn’t take too long surprisingly. (That’s the beauty of quick dry wood glue, it sticks enough to get the next piece on. I did however have to let it sit over night to make sure it was completely dry). Then a complete day of gluing the fabric on and making the cushions. 

Here is a more detailed look at how I made the lounge:

The Measurements:

The prototype couch before the house was made (as you saw in my last post), fit perfectly in the intended spot for it, I was just going to use it and not worry about making another one but I really wanted to improve the design. So I worked off of the measurements of this one and made one with a 1cm back and an arm rest. These were my final measurements:  


The Cutting:

I actually didn’t get a photo of the cutting process, but it was a long process having to measure and cut to save on MDF and also to make sure we didn’t take off a couple of mls of the piece next to it.





The Gluing:

This process was pretty easy and didn’t take more than about an hour. The glue dried fast enough for it to be able to stick together and not fall apart while I did the next piece.

As I was putting it together I noticed that either my measurements were out or the cutting wasn’t right. Either way the couch didn’t come together how I was imagining it. There were gaps and crooked pieces and it looked like and felt like it would fall apart while the girls played. So I used some other smaller off cuts to put in the gaps and waited for it completely dry before seeing if I needed more reinforcements.

The Covering:

The covering took me a little while, I have never done any thing like it before and it was a new experience. I used a hot glue gun to glue the material onto the wood. The first one I messed up pretty badly, I have all of the folds on the top, which when I did my practise run it was all where it wouldn’t be seen. I guess because I kept burning myself and my glue gun wouldn’t stop leaking and I was trying to work fast that my whole id

ea of how it was supposed to be just went out the window. I don’t know. But here is the results of that:



The Cushions:

This was a crazy unnecessary waste of time for most of it. Don’t ask me what my brain was thinking. I should always remember; google is friend, youtube is friend. But my brain just kept trying to teach itself some thing that it was just never going to get.

Instead of making just plain cushions like this:

I wanted to make them like this: 

(I did want them to look a little better but ended up getting a bit frustrated).

I tried making 2 squares and a long strip to sew around the edges, but then couldn’t get it to sew the ends up, I cut it and tried to do it in different sections but couldn’t figure out the trick to make the corners neat.


So I unpicked it and googled how to make cushions and found a youtube video of a guy making seat cushions. He measured the top with the sides and cut the corners and sewed them together. I decided to do that method


Although mine didn’t turn out like his (nice and neat) I was happy with what they did turn out like in the end.


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, Angie xo


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