I thought I would write a blog in between waiting for the tool to arrive for my next big project because I decided to make a couple of dresses for my girls while I waited since I finally brought the fabric I needed for them. I only ended up finishing one so far, the second I will try to complete this weekend if I have some spare time.

I used the peekaboo pattern called The Juliet Dress and Top. This was my first attempt at this dress.

I found the pattern quite easy to cut out and get all of my pieces ready, it was not difficult to understand. The instructions quite simple to read and easy to follow. But I struggled sewing. Which was no ones fault but my own.

I put a ball point needle into my machine (like it said I needed to do for stretch fabric in the operators manual of my machine), it did not matter what thread tension setting I had my machine on, it just did not work. The thread was either too loose or too tight, or just broke off mid sewing. I was getting so frustrated and my work looked dodgy as. At some points my material ended up sewed to my machine. It was just not working for me and I think I nearly broke my machine to be honest.

After wasting most of the day trying to make something work that was clearly not going to, I put my normal needle back in and was able to sew freely and easily. I felt completely stupid and wanted to give up before I had my ah ha! moment. Well it was more like a if this doesn’t work I don’t know what else to do type of moment.

I have now realised that the material wasn’t the right stretch fabric that actually warrants the ball point needle. So the next time this happens I will know to just change my needle. Or just have a breather and try and figure it out. It was very much an over eager Angie moment, I had been wanting to make these dresses for a long time, had finally got the material and decided to go full steam ahead with out really thinking about it.

I have not finished my eldest girls dress because I needed to unpick what I messed up, but I did finish my youngest daughters dress. I think I did okish, even though I had a hard time with it. I have just bought some new fabric to make another one and this time I will be putting a piece of fabric over the whole and not leaving it bare. My littlest thinks the bow should be at the front so she can see it. Haha. So I think its best to make her dresses with the fabric so that if she does wear it at the front like this first one she will be fully covered.


The end result:

Front View

Back View:


(I don’t actually have a picture of my daughter wearing it, but it looks great on her.) 

This is the the back of the first one I attempted. String everywhere and my sewing was wonky. It took about half an hour to do this. My thread just kept breaking and I would have to re-thread my needle and try to loosen it. Then I would lose it and the sewing was just horrendous.

This is the side everyone sees. As you can see the bow was wonky and my stitching terrible.



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